Monday, August 02, 2004

Last week, a caller phoned in to Bill Bennett's radio show (can you believe it? "One Armed Bandit" Bill has a radio show. I believe any right-winger with even remote notoriety has a shot at getting his/her own show), asking how Kerry expected to pay for all he promised Thursday night. Of course, Bennett simply uttered, "excellent question."

Hmm, let's look at this issue. I believe they said the exact same thing when Clinton laid down a national agenda hen he was running for office -- "how is he going to pay for it?" I could be wrong but if memory serves he left office with a near-trillion dollar surplus.

Cut to GW, where he quickly squandered this surplus and now sits atop a near-half-trillion dollar deficit. When GW undoubtedly lays out his goodies for all Americans at the Republican convention, do you think Mr. Bennett will again ask this same question? Me thinks not. And don't forget, many right-wingers have been irked for some time at how Bush has become a tax-cut-&-spend president. It shows the irresponsibility and the degree to which Bush/Cheney will try to win at all cost (deficits? who cares...throw tax breaks at the rich, subsidies at the farmers, tariffs at the steel unions, weaken environmental laws for polluters, etc.).

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