Wednesday, September 29, 2004

At the risk of stating the obvious, just imagine the Bush campaign without the “benefit” of 9-11. What would GW have to run on? If you take away 9-11 and Iraq (note they’re two separate items; 9-11 was/is not related to Iraq, and Bush had no control over the former but completely controlled the latter), Bush would have to run and hide in a corner when it came to campaigning this year.

Bush/Cheney/(Rove) is all about fear and hatred. Fear the enemy, hate the enemy. That’s it. While 9-11 may have changed everything (a phrase the GOP loves to reiterate over and over), is it reasonable to expect any other president during such a period to essentially accomplish nothing, sans this tragic event? Of course, if you scratch the surface it very quickly becomes apparent that this administration has been a dismal failure, but the evil genius of Rove is to keep the public from seeing things clearly, to don on the country the proverbial rose colored glasses (ala Great Gatsby).

It comes down to voters who are able to think and see through the bullsh*t, versus those who choose to be spoon-fed imagery, hopes, and dreams as framed by a win-at-all-cost gang of shameless thugs. Hyperbole? Don’t think so. Instead, your reaction to this description will speak volumes concerning which group you fall under, the more cerebral, clear-headed voter or the one who wishes to discard facts in favor of viewing the world as he/she would like for it to be (clicking ruby slippers three times may help).

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