Thursday, September 02, 2004

I believe I have finally found a tactic that works to open the mind of blind Bush followers. It’s very simple. Ask him or her if they have a child who is nearing draft-able age, and if they do, proceed to ask if they would honestly be OK with sending their child over to Iraq to fight this war. Granted, nothing new here, but it’s about the only thing I’ve tried thus far where I’ve at least noticed a hesitation by the GW fanatic. If they’re at all honest after hearing your question, you can see their answer written all over their face (that being, “no”).

It’s by no means a cheap shot, it could certainly happen. But more importantly, by going to war based on lies and deception, what Bush & Co. have done is to plant the seed of doubt in the collective American public mind whenever this country is faced with a difficult war decision. All future presidents will now have to deal with the Bush legacy in this regard. They very likely will have to provide much more evidence that it is necessary to go to war – more evidence than has ever been provided to justify military action prior to GW’s four years. The country will not forget the bullsh*t that went on leading up to this Iraq war and for that, future presidents will be burdened. The public will be that much more reluctant to send our soldiers to war – esp. when it may be one’s own child.

Some may say that’s not such a bad thing, perhaps we needed a bonehead like W. to force future presidents to fess up more concerning pre-war decisions. Perhaps. But 1) did we truly need to get there by way of this GW screw-up (and nearly 1000 dead U.S. soldiers), and 2) there’s the chance that the extra evidence that will have to be provided to convince the public could in fact be security-sensitive, i.e. best not divulged as it may compromise the welfare of soldiers, but may ultimately have to be divulged to tip the public’s opinion, and 3) ultimately a president may just decide not to engage in a military conflict, one that is frankly necessary, because he/she realizes it will require the exhaustion of too much political capital.

Oh great. And we’re supposed to believe that Bush/Cheney has made us safer. You watch and see.

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