Friday, September 03, 2004

"Crazy" Zell Miller gave a glowing introduction for Kerry at a dinner held in early 2001. In just three years (3 1/2 years to be exact), has Kerry changed to the extent that would warrant such a dramatic, turn-on-a-dime opinion from any reasonable Senator? What was Kerry saying or representing on March 1, 2001 that is starkly different now?

As usual, when one actually thinks (in short supply on GOP side), not allowing blind emotion to dictate one's actions, the only logical conclusion is Zell has flip-flopped concerning his opinion of Kerry (NOT Kerry morphing into something different). Yep, just ANOTHER flip-flop for the GW camp. Of course, the right-wing looneys will regard Zell's flip-flop as a good thing ("he's seen the light!"), not allowing the same leeway for revelation to Kerry (regarding his return-home criticism of Vietnam).

Yet, on the topic of credibility, Zell's words (slurs) of hate and distortion have him fall far short of being able to take what he has to say seriously. His odd behavior over the last few years simply begs the question: how can anyone take to heart what he has to say? Did he suddenly get hit in the head with an apple? Struck by lightning?? Spoke with God in a dream???

When Jim Jeffords switched from Republican to Independent it at least made sense; his consistent voting record supported his reasons for switching, esp. since he was a staunch environmentalist. As he said at the time, his party actually moved away from him, not vice versa. Compare to Zell Miller, who has a long track record of vacillating all over the political landscape (in Georgia, they call him "ZigZag Zell"). In the '60s, he was a very vocal racial segregationist, then in the '90s he nearly lost an election siding with the more progressive side on the Confederate Flag issue, he then lurched back to the conservative side.

Of course, he has every right to zig and zag (flip and flop), it's his lies that are most disturbing.

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