Sunday, September 19, 2004

Interesting article on growing unrest in the National Guard as they become the go-to choice for troops in Iraq. Morale is reportedly low with fights breaking out. The following is a revealing quote:

"I think before we deploy we should be allowed to go home and see our families for five days, because some of us might not come back," said Spec. Wendell McLeod, 40, a steelworker from Cheraw, S.C. "Morale is pretty low. . . . It's leading to fights and stuff. That's really all I got to say."

Dare say many of these soldiers realize the cause in Iraq is highly questionable, or at least perceive that the situation has turned into a dire mess?

Ironic that GW chose the National Guard to escape Vietnam, and yet the Guard is what he has chosen to supply soldiers to his war in Iraq.

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