Thursday, September 09, 2004

Less than a week after the GOP hate-fest was (thankfully) put to rest, the electoral map has begun to swing back in favor of Kerry. The margin is down to 254-243 in favor of Bush. Recall that this map peaked at 280-242 in favor of Bush during the GOP fest, but was already drifting back as soon as the balloons hit the floor at Madison Square Garden.

My other point made at the time was that Kerry held a sizeable electoral vote lead weeks after the Dems convention -- and here we see Bush spitting the bit not less than one week after his big show. Has to mean/say something.... (Get ready for Rove to give the "Capture Osama" order!).

P.S. Need more proof? Click here for the Zogby map, showing a 307-231 Kerry lead. Note: this map is being profiled on the Wall Street Journal web site -- last time I looked, the WSJ was no lefty-leaning operation!

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