Friday, September 10, 2004

Evil Dick (Cheney) recently stated that a vote for Kerry this November could jeopardize the safety of the country. In addition, he's STILL peddling his unfounded belief that Saddam was connected to Al Qaeda, saying so yesterday but continuing his habit of offering zero proof. The "Fear Campaign 2004" marches on! (As I asked weeks ago, I ask again: where is John Edwards? Is he in hiding? Can we see his evil side, at least a bit?).

The following from a terrific column by Rich Lewis:

Vice President Dick Cheney proved himself to be a champion of democracy this week by advising us that anyone who votes for John Kerry is inviting another terrorist attack on the United States.

Here's what Cheney said at a town hall meeting in Iowa on Tuesday:

"It's absolutely essential that eight weeks from today, on November 2nd, we make the right choice. Because if we make the wrong choice, then the danger is that we'll get hit again. That we'll be hit in a way that will be devastating from the standpoint of the United States...."

See how simple it is? Make the "right choice" (vote Bush) and we are safe; make the "wrong choice" (vote Kerry) and risk getting "hit again."

I hope all you Democrats and Kerry-leaning Independents and Republicans are properly terrified — because that's the intent of Cheney's remark. To scare you into voting the "right" way. Fear is such a reliable stimulant.

But wait.

Suppose Al Gore had said to you in September of 2000: "If you elect George Bush in November, the danger is we'll get hit by terrorists in a way that will be devastating to the United States."

Well, by golly, he would have been right! We did elect George Bush (sort of), and we were hit by terrorists just nine months later.

So, by Cheney's logic, everyone who voted for Bush the last time made the "wrong choice" and is to blame for 9/11.
Democratic vice-presidential nominee John Edwards correctly interpreted Cheney's words in Iowa to mean "that if you go to the polls in November and elect anyone other than us, and another terrorist attack occurs, then it's your fault."

He labeled Cheney's comments "scare tactics" that "crossed the line."

But really, what line? We still have lines?

A young John Kerry enlisted in the Navy and requested duty in Vietnam — a dangerous place where any American serviceman could be killed at any minute by the enemy, accident or disease — and tens of thousands were. He survived and received multiple combat medals.

Now we are supposed to believe that his decision to go to Vietnam was a mere stunt designed to enhance his political career? That he is a self-serving coward who only exposed himself to danger to pad his resume?

To echo a famous line in American history: Have we no shame?

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