Thursday, September 30, 2004

How is Falwell able to maintain tax-exempt status?

If a liberal or left-leaning minister conducted himself in a similar fashion, does anyone honestly think he/she would be able to keep his tax-exempt status? DeLay would be on that like flies on a dead carcass. Such a violation of the separation of church & state is tolerated and encouraged – as long as its in favor of the GOP. An outrage.

The following in the conservative Washington Times:
Falwell asks Christians to support president

The 4 million evangelical Christians who did not vote in 2000 will unite behind President Bush in November, the Rev. Jerry Falwell said yesterday.

With five weeks until the presidential election, Mr. Falwell said he is trying to muster conservative evangelical ministers to support the Republican ticket. He continued to mobilize the nation's evangelical base at Liberty University here earlier this week, by holding a seminar on preaching about conservative politics from the pulpit without forfeiting tax-exempt status.

Mr. Falwell said yesterday that he plans to hold at least 40 similar talks in several battleground states in the next month. He promised "a landslide" victory for Mr. Bush on Election Day.

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