Monday, September 06, 2004

Regarding the developing spy case within the Pentagon, this quote from a NY Times story today:

"They have no case," said Michael Ledeen, a conservative scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a friend of Mr. Franklin. "If they have a case, why hasn't anybody been arrested or indicted?"

Hmm. I could be mistaken but isn't the AEI basically a "home base" for this administration's large group of neocons? I believe so, making this quote meaningless with regards to its objectivity. Also, the fact no arrests have occurred may also have something to do with the guy in charge of the Justice Dept., no?? Ashcroft is not exactly a non-partisan figure (!). In fact, I would argue given the degree to which neocons run things and influence this administration, it's shocking this story broke at all, saying to me anyway that there must be AMPLE evidence of wrongdoing for them to lack the ability to keep this out of the press.

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