Wednesday, September 22, 2004

We invaded Iraq because they had oil, but more importantly, BECAUSE THEY HAD NO WMD! If they did, even Bush/Cheney are not crazy enough to jeopardize American forces under such conditions.

Need more proof? Where's Bush's idiotic posturing and swagger when it comes to "evil" North Korea?

Charles Pritchard, formerly Colin Powell's top official dealing with North Korea, has warned for months that "the White House lacks an effective strategy to dissuade North Korea from building up its nuclear arms." Under Bush's watch, North Korea's nuclear arsenal is thought to have quadrupled. And, according to Pritchard, the situation has deteriorated because "the administration has neither offered much of a carrot nor wielded a stick." The administration has refused to engage North Korea in direct negotiations or "put the North Koreans on notice that further developments will trigger economic sanctions or perhaps even military actions." (The Progress Report)

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