Friday, September 10, 2004

First the "Swift Boat Vet for Truth" diversion, then the "Christmas in Cambodia" diversion, now this "CBS document forgery" diversion.... Karl Rove and his right-wing minions are very good at the "look over here...." tactic.

Regarding this latest bit of nonsense to get the country's attention off those things that truly matter, I agree with Atrios when he states, "the whole thing is so goddamn stupid" (and then offers proof). Where could this go? CBS was duped? OK, fine. But need we remind everyone that this doesn't change the far bigger issue, that being that 1) GW did not in fact release all military records (despite saying he did), 2) still leaves many unanswered questions concerning his whereabouts during his "military" days, and 3) if all of this B.S. were to apply to John Kerry rather than Bush (do a mental switcheroo), Kerry would be a politically dead carcass by now.

Their hope (and it's working!) concerning this difficult topic for them: weave, dodge, confuse, make the public so numb with headaches that they become completely disinterested, then crank up the terrorist alerts & threat reminders (keep them scared!) -- mission accomplished!

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