Saturday, September 18, 2004

A new report is to come out on Iraq and supposed WMD. The two main findings:

1) there is zero evidence of any "large-scale program for weapons production" prior to the U.S. invasion (shocker!);
2) Saddam intended to produce WMD if United Nations sanctions were lifted.

With the latter point, expect GW & Co. to jump all over this one, however note the key part that undoubtedly will be left out: the UN sanctions were working! The implication here is if sanctions were allowed to remain in place and continue to function effectively, Saddam's evil desires would've been held in check, thus completely undermining and discrediting the bogus reasons given by Bush/Cheney to go to war.

If this were Clinton, he would've been impeached by now (and this time it would've been absolutely justified!).

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