Saturday, September 18, 2004

Purposeful Incompetence?

This a tough one. We've read the recent reports about a senior CIA officer criticizing the administration for underfunding and understaffing the unit assigned to tracking and capturing Osama bin Laden.

On the one hand, with this administration it's not difficult to imagine the incompetence he describes; we've seen such pathetic bumbling over and over. However, we also know that this administration (thanks to Cheney & Rove) is one of the most cold-calculating and secretive in history. There is the chance that this unit was purposefully depleted and neglected, either due to the Bush family & bin Laden business ties or perhaps due to the all-along plan to capture bin Laden in a more politically convenient time (like next month?).

Don't put anything past these guys. I am not a conspiracy nut, yet I do believe come October Osama will miraculously show up on all TV networks primetime, caught and being led away by "coalition" forces. Hopefully, it will not be a surprise to anyone.

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